Classroom Training Locations

Classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and 

Classes are available every week and never cancel. You never have to wait to get started with Bravura.

As a leading provider of technology and business training solutions, we provide our clients with an impeccable experience from top to bottom.  We offer 3 convenient No-Wait Start Date in-person classrooms; St. Louis Park, Roseville and Minnetonka. Classes are offered at these 3 locations every week, no exception. Choose one primary training location or attend all three locations. You choose!!

We also offer On-Demand classroom training locations for private corporate training and offer opportunities for open enrollment registrations to request training sessions at on-demand locations. On-Demand locations include Edina, Minneapolis, and Eagan (East Bloomington).

Reducing commute and travel time is easy with Bravura’s virtual and remote classrooms.
You won’t compromise one detail of your training experience while connecting to our virtual and remote classrooms, always staffed with a real and live instructor.

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Build Your Own Schedule with Bravura’s
No-Wait Start Open Enrollment Locations

Classes are available at these locations every week for Bravura’s Open Enrollment Classes and Programs. As an added benefit, Bravura students may also blend in-person classroom sessions with remote classroom, private sessions and virtual 24/7 access.

St. Louis Park

No-Wait Start Dates
Build Your Own Schedule

St. Louis Park

5775 Wayzata Boulevard, Suite 700, St. Louis Park, MN 55416

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No-Wait Start Dates

Roseville (Go to South Bldg)

1711 W County Road B, Suite 107 (South), Roseville, MN

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No-Wait Start Dates


12800 Whitewater Drive, Suite 100, Minnetonka

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On-Demand Training Locations

These locations are reserved for private, customized and corporate group training sessions. From time-to-time, there may be exceptions for Open Enrollment students who may prefer sessions at these locations. Requests will be filled based on availability.


On-Demand Location


3800 American Boulevard, West, Suite 1500, Edina, MN 55431

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On-Demand Location


333 Washington Avenue N., Suite 300, Minneapolis 55401

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Bravura’s one-stop training solutions offer our clients the most flexible in-person and virtual/remote classroom training schedules found in the training industry.

Take the guesswork out of learning

Confidently follow learning paths tailored to developing the right skills in the right order to achieve your goals.

We've Got You Covered!

Choose from top and in trend 2017 technology and business subject matter expertise that matter to you. We have what you need and the attentive guidance to help you put together an ideal learning path.

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Start where you need to

Each path includes an adaptive skill measurement to gauge proficiency and identify gaps in knowledge.

Shorten the learning curve. Identify where to start in a path, fill in gaps, validate existing skills and determine what material you can skip over.

Track growth by completing practical tasks throughout your learning journey.

Receive course materials, lesson files, access to software and some programs even include a laptop.

Overcome Roadblocks To Success

How Do You Want To Learn?

Choose from in-person training sessions, remote connected classroom training sessions, private mentor training sessions, 242/7 online anytime learning, on-site training or any combination that works for you.

Open Enrollment | No-Wait Start Dates. Once registered you'll manage a flexible training delivery and schedule that works for you. Schedule 1 day at a time or up to 3 weeks in advance. When something comes up on a training day, make a hassle-free adjustment.

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