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My name is Annie Horovitz-Niccum. Thank you for learning more about us and our 28+ years of delivering corporate training solutions.

Making a substantial competitive advantage happen can’t wait, and neither can make your organization more efficient and effective. Every day, more organizations are realizing the significant benefits of Bravura’s computer, technology, project managing training, human resources, and IT training and consulting. Technology and business advancements wait for no one. That’s why we’re laser-focused on leading technology releases and in-trend business best practices. We work with the best customers, employees, partners, and facilities. Bravura provides On-site Computer Training classes in Mpls, MN and surrounding areas, along with Remote Computer Training and Online Computer Training anywhere in the United States

We look forward to meeting you and working with you closely. We will discuss every important detail and every question you have. We will create the perfect training solution for your organization and staff members. Take the next step,  Set Up a 10 Minute Intro Call Today.

We’ve helped over 57,000 adults

Our consultative approach assures you of customized solutions that create lasting results.

Don’t Settle For Out-of-the-box classes. We create learning experiences that center around you. Benefit from:

  • personalized learning plans customized to business objectives and individual student specific skills gap
  • unheard of attention one/on/one instruction
  • smaller classrooms (at your location, at our location or remote)
  • no-wait start dates
  • choose from flexible training schedules
  • added convenience of multiple training locations
  • schedule one day at a time or up to three weeks

Need to make a change to your schedule?
No problem. Our online student portal makes it easy to make adjustments whenever priorities change.

We look forward to learning more about you and helping you make a positive impact to your organization and maximize the return on investment for training and development funds. Connect with Annie Horovitz-Niccum directly at 952.388.1188 (voice or text)

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We are not your typical training company.  We create relationships with our learners and will work with you to identify skill gaps and create a learning plan aligned with business objectives and specific to individual needs. Course content is aligned with your current skills and past experiences. This customized approach goes beyond the typical one-day; all-day out of the box training class.

Our corporate students benefit from clear hands-on actionable step-by-step learning that builds comprehensive and practical skills that last outside the classroom walls.

Whether we are coming to your location or you join us at one of our locations, we know our corporate clients are busy! We help maximize time by offering a convenient online calendar for hassle-free scheduling. Adjusting class schedules are a breeze and can be made from your smartphone or computer 24/7.

Class sessions can be scheduled at your location any tie of the day and are available every week at our No-Wait Start Date Locations in St. Louis Park, Roseville, Minnetonka.  Blend in-person training with our remote screen-share classrooms and 24/7 learning portal

Our tuition rate model is simple, we provide individual class registration options, multiple class purchases, on-site contracts, professional development tuition for reimbursement through HR and a number of other options.

We travel!!

Your Location – Our Location – Online – Any Where


Bravura Training has the right learning solution for you.

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Dislocated  Worker Training FAQ’s

Contact me, Annie Horovitz-Niccum

  • [email protected]
  • Text. Fax. 952.388.1188 (Direct)
  • For Emergency or Time Sensitive Help TEXT For Fastest Response 952.388.1188
  • Send a Message in 24/7 Portal from our website (Blue Box Pops Up on Bottom Right)

Yes! Bravura provides training at your location, our location or a location you choose.

We travel throughout the United States.

Set-up a 10 Minute Intro call today to align business objectives and skill gaps training to develop your team.

Once your training is approved, there is no waiting days or weeks to start. Bravura offers No-Wait Open Enrollment at 3 convenient locations each week. Choose from in person or remote classroom (online).

In person locations with weekly classes:

  • Minnetonka (62/494)
  • Louis Park (394/100)
  • Roseville (Fairview/36)

You’ll love the scheduling flexibility with Bravura. You build your own classroom schedule. Click Here to See Options.

Bravura offers No-Wait Open Enrollment at 3 convenient locations each week. Choose from in person or remote classroom (online). You’ll love the scheduling flexibility with Bravura. You build your own classroom schedule. Click Here to See Class Training Schedules (Online Calendar Options)

In person locations with weekly classes:

  • Minnetonka (62/494)
  • Louis Park (394/100)
  • Roseville (Fairview/36)

Classroom sessions (in-person and remote) run two hours in length by design to avoid overload of the old traditional one-day; all-day classes.

Each course has a published course duration which is based on traditional one-day; all-day class lengths. However, we are committed to your comprehensive and complete skill development which is why we provide you with the convenience of building a class schedule for a total length of time centered around you and your needs.

We know you want to plan accordingly to complete your training, therefore we ask you to plan for an approximate length of time which varies from student-to-student. See each course/program’s published course duration.


Because each student is different. Past experiences and current skill level may allow you to move more quickly through concepts. New features or more complex functionality may require a second look, third look or more individualized instruction.

We want you to build skills and confidence that lasts outside of the classroom.


If you prefer all-day classes, contact Annie Horovitz-Niccum today to create a custom all-day class. [email protected]

We’ve been helping adults build skills that last outside of the classroom for over 24 years. Two-hour sessions have been proven to be optimal when adults are learning new technologies. And we are sure you have sat through an all-day; one-day class before and it was draining. We create a valuable learning experience where you leave motivated each day and feel the sense of accomplishment, instead of being stressed out and drained by trying to learn too much information.

We want you to develop skills that will last in a practical, relevant and meaningful fashion.

You’ve heard the saying “if you don’t use it you lose it”. That’s not completely true. If you build skills by working hands-on with the real software with real-world exercises and side-by-side individualized instruction, you are creating an understanding of why and when would I use these functions, as opposed to forced memorization on which buttons to press.

To stand out in today’s job market you must be up-to-date, but more importantly, you have to know you can perform the tasks you are learning.

We are here to help! If you don’t have a device you can schedule training sessions with us in person or by phone.

The choice is yours!! Schedule one day at a time or up to three weeks in advance. Use our convenient 24/7 student portal to schedule your training and manage your training schedule.

The choice is yours!! You’ll love the flexibility Bravura offers. You can schedule as often as you are able to attend. Most Dislocated Worker clients attend 2 – 3 times a week. Some attend every Bravura in-person and remote session we offer each week.

Yes! We offer hassle-free rescheduling options. You have access to your schedule online 24/7 with our student portal. You can make adjustments online by any device with internet access. We ask for at least a 24-hour notice unless it is an emergency.

IMPORTANT! **If we set up a custom schedule just for you, we ask that you provide at least one weeks’ notice for changes.

Yes, you can attend any of our Bravura Training No-Wait Open Enrollment locations (Minnetonka, St. Louis Park, Roseville).

Yes, you can attend any of our Bravura Training No-Wait Open Enrollment locations (Minnetonka, St. Louis Park, Roseville) and/or remote.

We are 100% dedicated to you and your skill development. We will work with you to make sure you have enough help and time to develop your skills fully. How you feel about your new skills and your abilities to perform those skills is what matters.

As we have stated, one-day; all-day classes leave adults in transition on overload and generally most do not feel confident with new skills. Therefore, in 1994 we created a better way to learn.

Which includes the fact that all technology training should be hands-on with the real software application you are learning, it should be the current version and you should have step-by-step instructions to work with.

You should be able to review and repeat steps at the time you have a question. You should be able to work with a subject matter expert (Bravura’s Certified Instructors) to help you develop a solid understanding. That’s why Bravura’s instructors are up, walking around working with our students side-by-side to make sure that your questions are getting answered and that you have the privacy of asking questions that you may not normally ask in a group-based lecture.

We suggest planning for an approximate time which is based on what would be presented during a traditional industry one-day; all-day class. We know that everyone is different. Different backgrounds, levels of experience and reasons to learn. We know that everyone learns differently and wants to learn skills that will last outside the classroom.

You receive additional hours at no additional cost.

Yes, at least 50% of our students like to practice and/or accelerate training form home. We provide you with Bravura Training Official training manuals and lesson files for at home practice.

Bravura’s Professional Develop 90 Day Learning Passes include a Bravura Training software subscription for the duration of your Learning Pass (90 days).

We offer Saturday training sessions in Roseville or remotely and the option to schedule evening session weekly in Roseville or remotely.

All Bravura courses end in a completion certificate, along with a digital link to update LinkedIn profiles or to share with sponsors of training.

Yes, we are an authorized testing center. Bravura’s students receive full exam preparation and priority exam scheduling in Minnetonka, St. Louis Park and/or Roseville.

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Microsoft Excel & Power Pivot
Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables
Microsoft Power BI & Data Visualizations
Microsoft Skype
Microsoft Outlook
Adobe InDesign
Adobe PhotoShop
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Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Animate
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Acrobat
Excel for Finance Professionals
QuickBooks Bookkeeping & Accounting

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