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We make a difference by empowering new and established entrepreneurs and businesses to a new level of success. We are business owners, we know what it is like to overcome barriers, juggle the myriad of day-to-day tasks and stay relevant.  Our consulting services include strategy sessions for planning and implementation for a variety of areas, to include administrative, technology, accounting, marketing, digital and advertising. We’ll help you create the plan, carry out the work and provide training for ongoing tasks. To keep you motivated and moving in the right direction be sure to sign up for our professional entrepreneur coaching packages..

Ready. Set. Launch.

If you are new to business ownership, get ready to be inspired. Picture your success starting and running your business with ease and confidence. Our services will help you launch and establish your business. We’ll help you set up your office, select and implement technology, create streamlined and automated administrative procedures, set up accounting with QuickBooks, create a digital presence with a web site and social media, along with setting up and running successful marketing and advertising campaigns.

Laid-off? If you’re in transition, we offer special services for you! Learn more here. Also, be sure to learn more about CLIMB (Converting Layoffs into Minnesota Businesses). CLIMB is a component of the state-funded Dislocated Worker (DW) program designed to assist aspiring entrepreneurs with training and consulting for a successful business launch or growth.

CLIMB uses the existing Dislocated Worker program network. Dislocated worker service providers are located in every CareerForce location in the state. These service providers can discuss the requirements for CLIMB and help you decide whether it’s a good choice for you. If CLIMB is a good choice for you, the service provider will help you identify organizations in your community that can help you develop an effective business plan and obtain funding to start your business. CLIMB cannot provide either direct grants or loans to participants, but the state-funded Dislocated Worker program can pay for business consulting and training for the CLIMB participant to help them establish their business.

For more information on CLIMB, contact or visit a CareerForce location to speak with a program counselor.

Bravura Training is a CareerForce partner providing training and consulting services through CLIMB. All of our consulting services are available through CLIMB. Contact us today and set up a strategy session to help you reach your business goals.

Small Business Services.

Our consultative approach assures you of customized solutions that bring results.

We work with business owners of all sizes to establish a clear and compelling digital and business strategy that will resonate with and engage your target market and customer segmentations. We’ll strategize with you to align business objectives to your digital presence and minimize your workload.
Get started today! Make the right technology and digital decisions to create your best digital presence and run your business with ease. Want to talk? Connect with Annie Horovitz-Niccum directly at 952.388.1188 (voice or text)

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Digital Fundamentals

Get up to speed...FAST!

Learn the fundamentals of digital

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Find your niche & align to your objectives.

Find your client sweet spot!

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Website Design

We design beautiful websites that convert.

We'll set it up & train you.

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Website Maintenance

Essential for your online performance.

Tailored to your business needs.

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Website Redesign

Attract new business.

Refresh your site.

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SEO & Search

We get your business found.

Constantly test and optimize.

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Content Marketing

Create, distribute relevant content.

Drive Customer Action!

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Social Media

Social media posts, newsletters & blogs.

FaceBook, Instagram and more

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Paid Advertising

Google, Facebook, Instagram and more.

Time, consistent, constant attention.

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Digital Videos

Create strong digital engagement.

Video is a must!

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Email Marketing

Self-service to fully managed options.

The heart of digital.

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Marketing Automation

Maximize results. Minimize workload.

We'll create a process for you

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Test. Measure. Optimize.

We'll create a process for you

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Online Scheduling

Let technology do the work.

You need online scheduling

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Technology Tools

Cloud. Office. QuickBooks.

Get the right tools in place.

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Take the guesswork out of learning

Confidently follow learning paths tailored to developing the right skills in the right order to achieve your goals.

We've Got You Covered!

Choose from top and in trend 2017 technology and business subject matter expertise that matter to you. We have what you need and the attentive guidance to help you put together an ideal learning path.

It's Easy To Learn More. Set up a Quick 10 Minute Intro Call Today. Need a Fast Answer? Text 952.388.1188.

Start where you need to

Each path includes an adaptive skill measurement to gauge proficiency and identify gaps in knowledge.

Shorten the learning curve. Identify where to start in a path, fill in gaps, validate existing skills and determine what material you can skip over.

Track growth by completing practical tasks throughout your learning journey.

Receive course materials, lesson files, access to software and some programs even include a laptop.

Overcome Roadblocks To Success

How Do You Want To Learn?

Choose from in-person training sessions, remote connected classroom training sessions, private mentor training sessions, 242/7 online anytime learning, on-site training or any combination that works for you.

Open Enrollment | No-Wait Start Dates. Once registered you'll manage a flexible training delivery and schedule that works for you. Schedule 1 day at a time or up to 3 weeks in advance. When something comes up on a training day, make a hassle-free adjustment.

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