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Bravura is stirring up the excitement of possibility. Our unique WIOA Approved Programs empower adults to return to work. The Bravura hands-on approach and specialized curriculum makes it easy to refresh your skills and expand your business and technical acumen.

Our training programs offer a convenient way to build the skills to succeed in today’s workplace. You’ll benefit from core content that’s essential for any work environment, followed by more detailed and customized content to help you soar based on past experiences, interests and career goals.

Training takes place in a small, collaborative hands-on classrooms, providing you encouragement from Bravura Trainer’s who are subject matter experts, along with who are returning to the workforce. And you will train under the guidance of our founder, Annie Horovitz-Niccum and the Bravura program management team — many who have followed a similar path of transition. In this positive environment, you build lasting connections and comprehensive skills and return to work with confidence.

Best of all, Bravura is committed to supporting adults returning to the workforce and collaborate with hundreds of organizations that provide employment training and placement services through a variety of programs. Many of these programs are through Minnesota Department of Economic Employment Development (DEED) where you may be eligible for training, resulting in no cost to you.  If you aren’t currently working with an employment training program and would like to learn more about these programs, click here.

We are so passionate about empowering adults to living more fully by leading purposeful careers that you’ll find Bravura often co-sponsors funding for many clients in the form of deeply discounted tuition and possible scholarship awards matching funding from many of the training programs that refer adults in transition to Bravura. This is a true reflection of our commitment to helping adults who are in transition and have experienced career gap.

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Keep up with the speed of fast-paced work environments and technology with Bravura’s proven system for adult learners. Relying on out-of-the-box classroom learning with traditional group lecture is a gamble – a big one!

You need a learning system that delivers better results, faster! We empower our learners to keep ahead of the pace of change. With hundreds of subject matter expert-led courses, Bravura’s learn-by-doing environment, flexible and on-demand scheduling every learner develops the right skills at the right time. Don’t let today’s advanced workplace outpace you.

Get Started Today with Bravura’s system by exploring popular subjects and course recommendations to align relevant content to your unique career goals, team, project and/or business objectives.

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Do You Know What You Don’t Know?

It’s time to work smarter and faster with the most in-demand professional skills and top technologies like Microsoft Office, Project Management (PMP), Adobe, Business Intelligence, Data Analysis, QuickBooks, Digital, Marketing to a variety of IT Training.

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We’ll work with you to discover which path suits your needs, identify skill gaps in knowledge and determine where to start to create a meaningful learning journey. No need to be overwhelmed, you’re in good hands. Our learning plans define clear, actionable steps to success for today’s advanced workplace.

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Bravura offers specialized training services and assistance for Dislocated Workers,  Rehabilitation Services,  Department of Labor and Worker’s Compensation retraining programs. We are on the Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) and have WIOA Approved learning programs for a variety of re-training programs through the entire State of Minnesota (including areas outside the 7 County Metro area) If you don’t have a Counselor, contact one of the Minnesota Workforce Centers near you.


Corporate clients benefit from vast options to include: training class voucher program, private and custom training options, all-access passes, custom on-site options, 24/7 virtual options, private executive mentoring, employee reimbursement programs, along with technology and digital consulting and outsourcing services.


Bravura’s classrooms and virtual classes are filled with friendly and professional trainers who are both certified and subject matter experts. Our trainers set the right tone and pace, while providing a custom, “start where you are at” approach to course content, perfectly aligned to your exact needs. Validate existing skills or choose to skip over content you already know. Modular course structure keeps training engaing and always relevant. Review, repeat and receive the supportive instruction that develops real skill mastery and confidence that lasts outside the classroom. Training is always live. Always hands.on.


Once registered, manage a flexible classroom schedule with Bravura’s convenient online 24/7 Scheduling Calendars. Simply choose location, date and time(s) that work for your schedule. Schedule one day at a time or up to three weeks in advance. Make adjustments easily & hassle-free.


Prefer to outsource your technology and business needs and receive training on your custom solution? No problem! Since we are technology and business leaders we also provide on-site consulting and custom solutions, mentor staff and add business value for businesses and corporate cultures of all sizes. Be sure to ask us about our Small Business Digital & Technology Solutions for Emerging Entrepreneurs.


We have what you need to stand out in today’s workplace.  Choose from over 350 classes and 50 certifications covering in-demand professional skills and top trending technologies. Our classes are suited for Beginners to the most Advanced & Savvy Technologists, IT Professionals and Business Professionals of all professions.  Get started today by exploring popular subjects and receiving guidance from expert advisors every step of the way.


Earn globally recognized certifications with our 60 Day and 90 Day Learning Passes. College and Internship students benefit from our Microsoft Office Certification programs. We also have training for at home users. For new business owners, we offer complete business start-up small business technology and digital packages.


How Do You Learn Best? Bravura offers every possible training delivery method for you or your team to advance skills. Choose from Live, Hands-on In-Person Classroom, Private One-One Sessions, Fast Track & On-Site options. Or make it more convenient and take it virtual with live hands-on Remote Classroom or Remote Lunch and Learn Session. Our Learns love having the extra option to connect with our Request On-Demand Private One-on-One Remote Sessions. Perhaps you like to study at midnight, study when you can with 24/7 Virtual Labs (online). Like to practice from home? No problem, we’ve got everything you need.


Convenient locations which are easily accessible from the major thoroughfares of the Twin Cities’. St. Louis Park, Minnetonka & Roseville have classes running every week. Ask us about Edina, Eagan, Minneapolis & Remote Classrooms.


Bring the Bravura Experience On-Site! We travel throughout the United States and bring training to you. Make it more convenient for staff by saving money and valuable time. We provide any and all solutions, including customized vendor on-site training options or train your team with your proprietary applications. Have more than one office? We’ll standardize training for delivery to all locations. Blend Bravura’s remote and virtual options to train globally.


There’s something special about Bravura. Get to know us.

I passed on the first attempt for my PMI CAPM exam. Thank you Annie & Bravura. Your flexible and modular approach was great!

Bravura Student 2017, I highly recommend Bravura Training.

I had taken other QuickBooks classes and wasn’t happy. Your classes are comprehensive and complete. Your exam prep classes most definitely helped me pass my exam on the first try. Being certified also helped me land in my new job. Thank you Annie, Joel & Bravura!! You’re the best!

QuickBooks Exam, I highly recommend Bravura Training.


Bravura Training has the right learning solution for you.

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  • Adobe

  • Articulate

  • Bing

  • Cisco

  • CompTia

  • Entrepreneurship & Small Business

  • FaceBook

  • Google

  • IIBA

  • Microsoft IT

  • Microsoft Office

  • PMI

  • QuickBooks

  • SAS

  • SPSS

  • Tableau

  • Toon Boom

  • WordPress

  • Adobe Certified Associate
  • Adobe Certified Expert
  • Bing Advertising
  • CCNA
  • CompTIA (A+, Net+, Security+, Cloud+ & More)
  • Entrepreneurship & Small Business
  • FaceBook Blueprint
  • Google AdWords & Analytics
  • Microsoft IT (MCP & MCSA | SQL, Office 365, Data Science, BI, Server)
  • Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS | Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint & Outlook)
  • Microsoft Office Specialist Expert (MOS Word & Excel)
  • Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA; Wide Range of entry level options)
  • QuickBooks
  • Toon Boom 4 Options for Toon Boom Certified Associate

  • Administration & Operations
  • Big Data
  • Bookkeeping & Accounting
  • Business Professionals
  • Business Intelligence
  • Cyber Security
  • Customer Service
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Science
  • Data Storytelling
  • Design & Multi-Media
  • Digital, Advertising & Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship & Small Business
  • Finance
  • IT
  • Microsoft Office Fundamentals
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Office & Administrative
  • Project Management
Sales & Marketing[/fusion_li_item]
    • Dislocated Worker Program
    • Division of Rehabilitation Services
    • Department of Labor
    • WIOA
    • TAA
    • Individual (Self Pay; Cash, Check, M/C, Visa, Discover or Amex)
    • Corporate Contract or PO
    • Corporate Vouchers
    • Corporate Education Reimbursement
    • Workforce Retraining Projects
    • Open Enrollment In-Person Classroom
    • Remote Classroom
    • On-Demand Private In-Person One-on-One
    • On-Demand Private Remote One-on-One
    • Virtual Online Labs
    • Remote Lunch and Learn
    • Corporate On-Site
    • Fast Track (Bootcamp)

      • St Louis Park **classes run every week
      • Minnetonka **classes run every week
      • Roseville **classes run every week
      • Edina **reserved for private corporate training
      • Eagan **classes run every week
      • Minneapolis **reserved for private corporate training
      • Remote (From Home or Office)
      • Bring Us On-Site (Anywhere in the United States)
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      Don't let best practices with technology and business outpace you.

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      Take the guesswork out of learning

      Confidently follow learning paths tailored to developing the right skills in the right order to achieve your goals.

      We've Got You Covered!

      Choose from top and in trend 2017 technology and business subject matter expertise that matter to you. We have what you need and the attentive guidance to help you put together an ideal learning path.

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      Start where you need to

      Each path includes an adaptive skill measurement to gauge proficiency and identify gaps in knowledge.

      Shorten the learning curve. Identify where to start in a path, fill in gaps, validate existing skills and determine what material you can skip over.

      Track growth by completing practical tasks throughout your learning journey.

      Receive course materials, lesson files, access to software and some programs even include a laptop.

      Overcome Roadblocks To Success

      How Do You Want To Learn?

      Choose from in-person training sessions, remote connected classroom training sessions, private mentor training sessions, 242/7 online anytime learning, on-site training or any combination that works for you.

      Open Enrollment | No-Wait Start Dates. Once registered you'll manage a flexible training delivery and schedule that works for you. Schedule 1 day at a time or up to 3 weeks in advance. When something comes up on a training day, make a hassle-free adjustment.

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