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Take the guesswork out of learning with Bravura Training

Master Top 2017 In Demand Skills

Flexible Classroom in-person and remote classroom training options make it easy to juggle your life and a training schedule leading to real skill mastery. Developing practical skills and confidence with top in-demand technologies and business practices has never been easier. Connect with us and we will curate courses and content aligned to your unique career goals or business requirements.

Go beyond the restrictions and outdated and ineffective All-Day Overview & Overload Training Classes

Get more from your training investment when you register for training with Bravura. Our classroom setting is smaller by design, allowing our subject matter experts to provide you with a higher level of instruction as compared to traditional one-day group-based lectures.

  • You’ll work hands-on with the actual software applications and versions you’re learning.
  • You’ll receive professional and official training materials that empower you to fully understand new information by mastering  one step at a time.
  • If you’re highly experienced, you’ll love the fact you can accelerate training by skipping over what you already know and move to the more complex areas that hold more value for you.

A constant attention to practical skill development that has real purpose is ever-present by our friendly and professional instruction staff who are always at your side during each and every in-person and remote session.

No one likes to get stuck and not everyone likes to ask questions in large group settings.

With Bravura’s side-by-side classroom instruction, remote classroom, private and on-site options you’ll have immediate access to our subject matter expert instruction to overcome roadblocks and develop confidence that lasts outside the classroom. Accelerate your learning by skipping over what you don’t need or by practicing between sessions or accessing 24/7 virtual labs.

Eager to get started with training?

No-Wait Start Dates puts you in charge of your start date, blending delivery options, choosing a flexible class schedule one day at a time or up to three weeks in advance.  It’s easy to meet any deadline or completion goal with the variety of delivery options and flexibility in class scheduling Bravura offers.

Get Your Questions Answered

We'll help you every step of the way.

Know Where Your Skills Stand.

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Bravura Training has the right learning solution for you.

Take the guesswork out of learning

Confidently follow learning paths tailored to developing the right skills in the right order to achieve your goals.

We've Got You Covered!

Choose from top and in trend 2017 technology and business subject matter expertise that matter to you. We have what you need and the attentive guidance to help you put together an ideal learning path.

It's Easy To Learn More. Set up a Quick 10 Minute Intro Call Today. Need a Fast Answer? Text 952.388.1188.

Start where you need to

Each path includes an adaptive skill measurement to gauge proficiency and identify gaps in knowledge.

Shorten the learning curve. Identify where to start in a path, fill in gaps, validate existing skills and determine what material you can skip over.

Track growth by completing practical tasks throughout your learning journey.

Receive course materials, lesson files, access to software and some programs even include a laptop.

Overcome Roadblocks To Success

How Do You Want To Learn?

Choose from in-person training sessions, remote connected classroom training sessions, private mentor training sessions, 242/7 online anytime learning, on-site training or any combination that works for you.

Open Enrollment | No-Wait Start Dates. Once registered you'll manage a flexible training delivery and schedule that works for you. Schedule 1 day at a time or up to 3 weeks in advance. When something comes up on a training day, make a hassle-free adjustment.