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Confidently follow learning paths tailored to developing the right skills in the right order to achieve your goals.

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Choose from top and in trend 2017 technology and business subject matter expertise that matter to you. We have what you need and the attentive guidance to help you put together an ideal learning path.

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Start where you need to

Each path includes an adaptive skill measurement to gauge proficiency and identify gaps in knowledge.

Shorten the learning curve. Identify where to start in a path, fill in gaps, validate existing skills and determine what material you can skip over.

Track growth by completing practical tasks throughout your learning journey.

Receive course materials, lesson files, access to software and some programs even include a laptop.

Overcome Roadblocks To Success

How Do You Want To Learn?

Choose from in-person training sessions, remote connected classroom training sessions, private mentor training sessions, 242/7 online anytime learning, on-site training or any combination that works for you.

Open Enrollment | No-Wait Start Dates. Once registered you'll manage a flexible training delivery and schedule that works for you. Schedule 1 day at a time or up to 3 weeks in advance. When something comes up on a training day, make a hassle-free adjustment.

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Bravura Training specializes in providing training classes and skill development with the most in-demand professional skills and top trending technologies. Build Your Own Training Schedule with Bravura. Classes run every week with our No-Wait Start Date Locations in St. Louis Park, Roseville, Minnetonka and in our Remote & Virtual 24/7 Classrooms. On-Demand Corporate & Private classrooms in Edina, Eagan and Minneapolis.

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Keep up with the speed of fast-paced work environments and technology with Bravura’s proven system for adult learners. Relying on out-of-the-box classroom learning with traditional group lecture is a gamble – a big one!

You need a learning system that delivers better results, faster! We empower our learners to keep ahead of the pace of change. With hundreds of subject matter expert-led courses, Bravura’s learn-by-doing environment, flexible and on-demand scheduling every learner develops the right skills at the right time. Don’t let today’s advanced workplace outpace you.

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